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TAKTAX offers full scope of tax advisory services for foreigners in Poland. Online services give you opportunity to control your tax issues without having to get involved. After registering your account and choosing the scope of advisory you will be guided through the process and receive all necessary information from the TAKTAX system. Each time you visit your personal account you will see all documents you have uploaded and received and stage of each project in progress.

The information flow is uninterrupted and secured, confidentiality and trust is guaranteed. We are happy to meet with you at your convenience to get to know your needs and objectives. However, it works even when you do not have time for a meeting or you are too far away. Associated legal and advisory services can be provided by TAKTAX together with our partners.

Outsource your tax settlements in Poland to TAKTAX and have your personal tax solutions optimised. Using our innovative service you will save time and get security and efficiency.

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Within this line of services You will be able to subscribe to supervision of Your yearly tax settlements in Poland.

The objective and outcome of the service shall be preparation of Your yearly settlements in form of a tax return to be filed with the tax authority in Poland.

TAKTAX will provide full assistance in establishing Your business in Poland:

  • starting from choice of the best and most suitable form of conducting Your business,
  • through all the registration procedures (preparation of documents, relations with authorities etc.),
  • assistance during negotiations,
  • choice of location,
  • tax settlements and
  • making the most of all opportunities (exemptions, subsidies etc.).

A one stop shop for your business!

Relocating abroad one faces personal, cross-cultural, organizational difficulties. Additionally there are also dozens of legal and administrative burdens, hard to grasp alone. Therefore, in case you decide to relocate to Poland yourself, your family or an employee, let TAKTAX be a helping hand in issues related to entry, registration, tax status, employment or business establishment and other.


Thanks to TAKTAX my company was able to get a refund of the Civil Law Act Tax, though we did not think it is possible. Cooperation with Mrs Wiatroszak was very satisfactory; she is competent and responsive to the client?s needs. We worked on a success fee basis which was very favourable to our company.

Mirosław Rak, Vice-President of the Board, ELPROFIT Sp. z o. o.

Expert's View

Management board member without remuneration

It is quite common for capital groups to nominate a member of the board of the dominating company to hold such function also in an associated company. Usually in such cases position in an associated company is not additionally remunerated, or remuneration is paid by the dominating company.

The Polish tax authorities and the judiciary are unanimous that this generates a taxable income in form of a benefit in kind for the associated company. The value of the benefit in kind should be determined based on the market value of services of a management board member.