Business Taxation

TAKTAX will provide full assistance in establishing Your business in Poland:

  • starting from choice of the best and most suitable form of conducting Your business,
  • through all the registration procedures (preparation of documents, relations with authorities etc.),
  • assistance during negotiations,
  • choice of location,
  • tax settlements and
  • making the most of all opportunities (exemptions, subsidies etc.).

A one stop shop for your business!

Please find below initial information concerning the available forms of conducting business activity in Poland and a brief description of registration procedures of the limited liability company.

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Business activity conducted by natural persons either individually or through partnerships is subject to personal income tax. Partnerships are so called transparent entities – they are not themselves subject to taxation, only partners are individual taxpayers.

Income from business activity of a natural person exceeding a tax free amount (3,091 PLN) can be taxed in accordance with three methods: progressive, flat rate and lump sum.

Currently progressive scale is the following:

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Determining Your tax residency is crucial for correct fulfillment of tax obligations and it is a first stage of tax advisory services, also if you are planning to conduct a business activity in Poland. For details concerning tax residency and services related thereto please refer to the Personal Taxation section.

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In the course of the year taxpayers are obliged to make monthly advance payments on income tax to the bank account of a competent tax office. The amount transferred is a difference between the tax due on the income earned from the beginning of the tax year and total advance payments due in preceding months. Monthly tax advance payments must be remitted no later than on 20th day of each month for the preceding month.

A final settlement of tax liabilities is completed by submitting a yearly tax return and paying an outstanding amount, if any. This should be done:

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Choice of a legal form or location for a business activity may have significant consequences to its taxation. A well planned structure of your business can result in lowering tax burdens. Below please find some examples of available optimization opportunities.

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