Handling Tax Settlements

In order to determine and monitor scope of taxation of TAKTAX Clients an income source test has been developed. It enables identification of all types of income and sources thereof. Based on the analysis of this test TAKTAX shall prepare an information on place, scope and taxation method of particular types of Your income.


The tax year for all individuals is the calendar year. During the year, income tax payers are obliged to make tax advance payments before the 20th day in the month following the month in which the tax obligation arose or, in some cases, before the 20th day of the month following the quarter in which the tax obligation arose. Individuals who receive any income from abroad are obliged to calculate and pay monthly tax advances themselves. In some cases, for instance in relation to the remuneration of employees, employer is obligated to calculate, deduct and make the monthly advance payments to a competent tax office.

The taxpayer is obliged to submit an annual tax return until April 31st of the following year.

The taxpayers are also obliged to update all their data and file information about changes to the relevant Polish tax authority.

When choosing services of TAKTAX you can outsource handling of tax settlements related to all your revenues and transactions in Poland. During the tax year You will download all the relevant documents (agreements, received PIT forms, information from banks or companies, invoices, official letters etc.) related to Your revenues on Your personal, secured account. You will be updated with regard to Your status, settlements and obligations.

After the end of the fiscal year, You will receive a draft of a yearly tax return, with calculation of all your tax liabilities, prepared based on all the information gathered throughout the year.