Optimisation and Planning

Polish personal income tax regulations offer several opportunities for optimization of Your tax obligations in Poland. Therefore, in order legally minimize Your tax burdens, it is important to:

  • structure the form of Your activity or contract and choose the most advantageous from available methods of taxation
  • use all available deductions from the tax base and tax amount
  • use opportunity for the joint taxation together with spouse or children
  • use advantageous investment strategies
  • apply regulations of applicable double tax treaties, offering exemptions and lower tax rates.

Planning of your tax settlements in Poland will be possible after You fill in the residency and income source test. Knowing all the details concerning your status and revenues, TAKTAX will be able to offer You optimization opportunities.
Please bear in mind, that also transactions undertaken on a one-off basis are worth structuring and planning, in order to minimize risks and burdens related thereto.