Tax Reviews

Tax liability falls under the statute of limitations after 5 years, counting from the end of the year when the deadline for tax payment falls. Until than tax settlements can be controlled and verified by Polish tax authorities. During this time also taxpayers can correct their tax returns.Tax liabilities for 2010, due in April 2011, shall fall under statute of limitations only at the end of 2016. At the end of the year 2010 personal income tax liabilities from year 2004 shall be subject to statute of limitations.

This gives Polish tax authorities a long time to obtain information from abroad – international cooperation and exchange of information between authorities in the European Union, but also with third countries, has improved lately and often gives basis for unfavourable decisions. It is also important to bare in mind that tax rate for undisclosed income amounts to 75%.

Hence it is crucial to be certain that tax settlements for the past years are correct. TAKTAX shall carry out the tax review of your past tax settlements in order to minimise tax risks and use optimisation opportunities. We recommend undertaking a tax review particularly if you have had various sources of income form different countries or transferred your residency.

TAKTAX also provides assistance during all kinds of proceedings and disputes with Polish tax authorities – prepares applications (for refund of an overpayment of tax, binding interpretation of tax regulations), explanations, complaints, appeals etc.